Smiles, an integrated Term Series, written in accordance with the guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework, consists of fourteen term books for LKG, UKG and classes 1 to 5. The term series include - English, Mathematics, Environmental Studies and General knowledge for classes 1 and 2 and English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and General knowledge for classes 3 to 5. The term books, divided into two terms, ensure lighter school bags and better health of the students. The salient features of the series are:

  • Well planned and carefully graded to reduce the mental and physical burden of young learners.

  • Inclusion of hands-on-activities to develop cognitive and psycho-motor skills.

  • Use of powerful visual with multi-coloured illustrations, pictures, diagrams, maps, tables, and graphic presentations.

  • A variety of questions, exercises, activities etc to develop language and scientific skills.