Cordova Smart School

Cordova Smart School makes it possible to enjoy while you learn

To address the future of today’s schools, Cordova Publications has created a new learning solution —Cordova Smart School, that provides a complete and comprehensive package to facilitate learning by making it joyful and improve performance of learners by creating, modelling, using and managing appropriate technological tools and processes. Cordova Smart School successfully transports abstract and difficult concepts into the learners’ environment and makes these concepts easy to comprehend and apply. It also empowers teachers with tools for effective teaching and regular evaluation. As a result, teachers can easily create and plan a schedule to work upon those areas/aspects of the learners that need attention. In addition, it provides parents, teachers, students and management, easy access to centralised information. Structured in a unique manner, Cordova Smart School, focusses on the drill-and-practice technique, coupled with learner’s higher-order-thinking skills to improve the basic skills of the learner.

Joyful Learning Experiences Module With Interactive Tools:

  • makes the school a brighter, more active and cheerful place
  • stimulates motor, social, cognitive and language development
  • encourages learners to be innovative and helps develop the ability to solve problems
  • gives students age appropriate tools to satisfy their curiosity
  • gives freedom with focus on syllabi and helps students apply knowledge acquired, in real life situations
  • ensures optimal learning that is long-term
  • In order to let students experience an appropriate 21st century learning environment, Cordova Smart School, systematically deals with the three important C aspects of learning
  • Consumption - reading and interpreting the text
  • Collaboration - sharing information and knowledge and working with others
  • Creation - using higher-order-thinking skills and creativity to create new content
  • Cordova Smart School comprises of three modules—each with a definite learning goal.

Curriculum Module

  • integrates curriculum and innovation
  • specifically focusses on curriculum as defined by NCERT

Preparatory or Coaching Module

  • integrates curriculum and innovation and provides interactive coaching with relevant hands-on-experiences of the upcoming board and competitive exams

Referential Module

  • integrates curriculum with innovation, empowers learners by putting the provisioning of resources under their control, so that they are able to use the influx of information to their advantage