General Knowledge

Our General Knowledge series are well graded for classes 1 to 8. As a subject, General Knowledge can be immensely vast, unmanageable and burdensome. The authors carefully grade and select the essential aspects of General Knowledge that an average child at a particular age is expected to know. The contents include a systematic, purposeful and objective study of a wide range of disciplines and environment around us. This satisfies the inquisitiveness of the learners’ questioning of how, what, where, who and why, in a systematic manner. Thus they become active participants in the process of learning and find it an enjoyable, creative and mentally satisfying activity. The series enable them to keep abreast of all the information, changes and progress taking place in the world today. It prepares the learners to face this highly competitive and information oriented world with confidence and curiosity.
Each book of the series is a mixed-bag of the following contents – Life skills, Personality Development, Moral Values, Health and Fitness, Board Games, Plants and Animals, Language and Literature, Science and Technology, My India, The World Around Us, Sports, Brain Strainers, Our Surroundings and General Awareness.